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Adobe Cloud Computing
Comp it up anywhere.
With new Adobe Comp CC, create layouts on your iPad with a few swipes of your finger. Pull in assets from your Creative Cloud Libraries and fonts from Adobe Typekit, and then send your projects to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign to finish.
Snap a shape, turn it into vectors.
Take a picture with Shape CC on your iPhone, turn it into vectors, save it to Creative Cloud Libraries and then drag it onto your artboard in Illustrator CC.
Draw wherever inspiration strikes.
Create freeform vector designs on your iPad or iPhone with Adobe Illustrator Draw. Continue your work on your desktop in Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC.


PowerPoint Sin Bullets (PSB)

PowerPoint Sin Bullets (PSB)

PSB es una presentación que nos hará reflexionar sobre la manera que construimos nuestros PowerPoints.  Espero te motive a revisar tus slides y buscar nuevas maneras de presentar la información, según tu propósito, conceptos y audiencia.

Presentación – Capítulo 1

Clase I_Sado 1145 Adm. de Doc. reto para las instituciones

Documentos Personales-Referencia Clase #1


Silabario Administración de Documentos

Silabario-sado-1145_Profa Pagan-2

Silabario- Escritura Rápida

Silabario-sado-2236_prof pagan